Mosquito Repellent Plants

Citronella Plant

The citronella plant (Geranium) is one of the best plants for repelling mosquitoes; in fact most natural mosquito repellents are derived from the citronella plant. The leaves on this plant contain natural citronella oil which can be extracted and used in citronella candles and many natural spray on repellents.

The citronella plant itself is known for its distinct smell; it has a very citrus/lemon like scent to it and out of all other plants it is the most likely to repel mosquitoes from visiting your yard. In fact this plant can potentially repel mosquitoes that are within 10 square feet around the plant! The citronella plant can be used by planting a few around the perimeter of your yard/patio area, or you could plant one at every entrance to your house to prevent unwanted mosquitoes from sneaking in.
Citronella Mosquito Repellent
Citronella Plant for Repelling Mosquitoes The citronella plant is extremely low maintenance and does very well in warmer climates. If you live in an area where temperatures fall below freezing, make sure to grow your citronella plant in a container and move it inside when the temperature begins to dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to keep it in an area with plenty of light.

You can purchase the citronella plant in a 4-inch pot so that all you have to do is either plant it in the ground or a larger pot. Give this mosquito repelling plant plenty of sun and it will thrive while helping you eliminate those pesky mosquitoes!

Lemon Grass Plant

Lemon grass is very similar to the citronella plant in many respects. First both plants contain citronella oil which is used in a lot of different types of mosquito repellents. Second both of these plants have a lemon like citrus smell to them which repels mosquitoes very well.

The reason why mosquitoes hate this scent is because it confuses their sense of smell and they are unable to find their sources of food while around citronella based plants. This is why the citronella plant and the lemon grass plant are such a great anti-mosquito repellent.
Lemon Grass Mosquito Repellent

Lemon Grass Plant for Repelling Mosquitoes Like the citronella plant, lemon grass cannot survive freezing temperatures, so if you want to keep your plants alive year round and you live in an area where freezing occurs, then it is a great idea to plant lemon grass in a pot so that you can bring it inside to survive the winter.

The lemon grass plant can be easily purchased through retailers such as amazon, and if you are trying to save some money you can also purchase a packet of 500 seeds for under $2!

Lemon Thyme Plant

Another citronella based plant is called lemon thyme. This plant has a very high content of citronella oil which coats the air with a lemon like citrus smell similar to the citronella plant and lemon grass.

Lemon Thyme plants are very easy to take care of and require very little maintenance; it can tolerate poor soil and even withstand drought like conditions. Just make sure to plant this herb in full sun and it will likely flourish! It is also a natural bee attractor which may end up helping the rest of your surrounding plants to be pollinated. One of the main advantages of growing your own lemon thyme is that it can be used as an herb in many different recipes!

Lemon Thyme is a great overall plant to have in your garden and it will help repel mosquitoes as well! Like lemon grass, lemon thyme can also be purchased in an already grown plant, or you save money and just buy the seeds!
Lemon Thyme Plant
Lemon Thyme Mosquito Repellent Plant

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