Why Do Mosquitoes Exist?

Mosquitoes may be the most problematic and deadly creature in existence! Most people hate them because of the annoying itchy bites they leave you with, not to mention their ability to completely ruin an outdoor social event.

However, many people do not realize that each year there are over a million people that die from mosquito-borne diseases! On top of this mosquitoes can also transmit diseases and parasites that affect animals; one very well-known example of this is heartworm in dogs.

So with all of these facts stacked against the mosquito, the question is raised: What is the purpose of mosquitoes and why do they exist?
Why Do Mosquitoes Exist?

The Purpose of Mosquitoes

The purpose of mosquitoes is to provide nutrients to their predators, to pollinate many types of flowers and to aid plant life in swampy areas. All of these important roles can have a chain like effect and ultimately contribute to other facets of the ecosystem.

Food Source for Other Animals

Food Source For Other Animals One of the main benefits of mosquitoes is the contribution to the food chain. Mosquitoes are semi-unique in the fact that they start out as larvae and ultimately end up as a flying insect. The reason this is important is because while the mosquito is in larvae form, it feeds on a lot of nutrient dense algae which eventually gets converted to tissue and ultimately ends up benefitting birds and spiders by giving them a nutritious snack that they otherwise would have never been able to get.

Birds and spiders are not the only creatures that obtain the beneficial nutrients of the mosquito. Lizards, fish, frogs and many other animals benefit from the nutrient dense meal that the existence of the mosquito provides.


Another thing mosquitoes are good for is the pollination of many types of flowers. This is because the primary source of food for the mosquito is the nectar that flowers and plants contain, in fact this is the only food source for male mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that need to feed on blood to keep the mosquito population existing, but even female mosquitoes need to sustain their energy by feeding on nectar.

This ultimately leads to the pollination of many different types of flowers. So without mosquitoes we might not get the benefit of having enough insects in existence to pollinate many different types of flowers in the world.
Mosquitoes Pollinate Flowers

Benefit Plant Life

Mosquitoes Help Plant Life Thrive Mosquitoes also help plant life thrive in swampy areas. Mosquito larvae feed on a lot of waste and debris that usually tend to collect in a swamp. For instance, there are many flying insects that end up drowning in water; mosquito larvae will feed on these carcasses which not only helps to remove the collection of dead insects from around the plant, but also leads to a release of nutrients into the water such as nitrogen. The extra nutrients in the water help the plant life to grow which affects the whole ecosystem in a positive way.

Chain Effects on the Ecosystem

It is very likely that there may be aspects of the mosquito’s existence that indirectly lead to positive effects on the ecosystem.

For instance, since mosquitoes are very low on the food chain and serve as food for many different animals, it is possible that without the nutrients and sustenance that mosquitoes provide to their predators that these insects/animals may be affected negatively which could have a potential impact on the rest of the food chain.

A lack of pollination could also play a role in affecting the ecosystem. Without the added pollination that mosquitoes provide we could end up with less plants becoming pollinated, which would lead to plants producing less full-bodied fruit. In addition, pollination also affects viable seeds produced for the next generation of plants.

Lastly, if mosquito larvae were not around to feed on the dead insects that collect in swamps, there would be fewer nutrients in the water and plant life could be suffocated with the large amount of dead insects collecting around them. This could affect the habitat of many different animals and also impact the anti-polluting effects that the plant life provides in swamps. Both of these potential areas could lead to further consequences to the rest of the ecosystem.

Do Mosquitoes Need to Exist?

Do these positives outweigh the negative effects that mosquitoes bring to us? Most scientists believe that other insects could fulfill these important roles in the ecosystem; but no one knows for sure what the impact would be if these insects were to suddenly disappear.

Even if we could be guaranteed that there would be no ill effects of wiping out the entire population of mosquitoes; the problem would still remain that as of technology today, there is no way to completely eliminate them without harming other insects in the process. This could certainly have impactful consequences.
Thankfully there are a number of easy solutions to get rid of and kill mosquitoes in your own yard such as the bait and kill method which baits the mosquitoes in by replicating the natural smell of their food, but when they eat it, they are consuming garlic oil which they cannot digest and ultimately die as the result.

Using this method you can kill over 90% of the mosquito population in your yard in just 2-3 weeks! It is one of the safest and most effective ways to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard.

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