When is Mosquito Season?

Mosquito season starts in the spring after temperatures begin to warm up above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is followed by a peak in the mosquito population right around the beginning of summer and the season finally ends when the winter begins to hold a consistent temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Mosquito season is officially over when the temperature drops below freezing. Mosquito Season Date

Exact Timing of Mosquito Season

The start and end of mosquito season is primarily influenced by three factors. The main factors that influence the timing of this season is where you live, followed by the particular temperatures that the season brings and lastly by the timing of rainfall.

Mosquito Season Based on Location

Mosquito Season is highly affected by where you live! If you reside in the United States you will find that in the southern states the mosquito population will still alive for a longer period of time than if you live in the northern states.

The reason for this is because it takes the southern states a lot longer to reach cooler temperatures and force mosquitoes into either death or hibernation. Also the quicker it warms up the faster mosquito season will start again.

Mosquito Season

In some parts of the United States, like southern Florida and Texas, some mosquitoes may not have to hibernate at all if the temperature stays warm through the winter. Even though the mosquito population may not completely die off in these southern states, you will still likely notice a substantial decline in the number of them during the winter months.

Mosquito Season Based upon Temperature

No season is exactly the same, and for that reason the timing of mosquito season can be impacted based upon how soon temperatures fall during winter time, and how fast they warm up during spring.

If cool winter weather is delayed then you can bet mosquito season will last longer where you live; on the flip side if cooler temperatures come earlier than normal than mosquito season will end much sooner!
Mosquito Season Temperature

Mosquito Season Based Upon Rain Fall

The last factor that influences the start of mosquito season is rainfall. Rainfall only affects the start of mosquito season and does not have a significant impact on the end of it.

The reason for this is because the female mosquitoes will lay a final batch of eggs before going into hibernation; but in order for the eggs to produce larvae and develop into mosquitoes there needs to be at least an inch of water surrounding the eggs. During the first heavy spring shower many eggs that lie dormant will have the water that they need to mature into mosquitoes and thus start the beginning of mosquito season.

One way to combat this natural occurrence is by using mosquito bits.

Mosquito bits are small corn shaped granules that kill mosquitoes in the larvae stage before they can reach maturity and begin to feed on blood.

All you have to do is sprinkle a few into areas that you know will collect water such as flower pot saucers, bird baths, water gardens, etc.

Mosquito bits are one of the easiest ways to reduce the number of blood sucking pests during mosquito season and they are extremely inexpensive!

For more ways to get rid of and kill mosquitoes take a look at the information found on this page: Get Rid of and Kill Mosquitoes
Mosquito Season Bits

What Time of Day are Mosquitoes Most Active?

In general mosquitoes are more likely to be active early in the morning and during the late evening to dusk hours. Most species are not active during the middle of the day when the sun is at peak intensity. However there are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world and each type can be active at different times of the day.

The most common species are the Culex, Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes.

Culex Mosquito Active Time Culex Mosquito – Most active from dusk till a few hours after dark.

Aedes Mosquito Active Time Aedes Mosquito – Active day and night, not affected by the midday sun like most mosquitoes species.

Anopheles Mosquito Active Time Anopheles Mosquito – Most active during dawn and dusk hours.

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