What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

All mosquitoes, both male and female consume nectar or honey dew which is found on the leaves of many plants and trees.

This sugar can sustain male and female mosquitoes for their entire lives; they do not need any other source of food to provide for their energy needs of the day.

What Plants Do Mosquitoes Eat?

Most of the sweet plants that mosquitoes like to consume are flowers such as: sunflowers, rosemary, roses, poppies, etc. They also tend to like plants that store water such as papyrus, water lettuce, water lilies and others like these.

But in order for the mosquito population to not completely die off, there has to be one more thing included in their diet.
Mosquito Feeding on a Flower

Mosquitoes Also Eat Blood

So why is it that mosquitoes like to consume the blood of living organisms…and people in particular? The reason lies with the female mosquito. In order to lay her eggs she needs some sort of protein in her diet and unfortunately for us, the nectar they consume from plants does not contain enough protein in order to meet her needs.

To compensate for this, she tracks down living things such as mammals, reptiles, birds and of course human beings. Some female mosquitoes will prefer the blood of animals and choose to settle down near livestock, while others (the majority) will prefer the blood of humans and choose to live around people.

Why do the majority prefer the blood of humans? Well unlike most animals our skin is a lot thinner, and thus easier to pierce through. Another reason is that we have more surface area compared to most animals, and lastly humans tend to be distracted and easier for the mosquito to get a full meal from.

Mosquito Before Eating Mosquito Before Eating
Mosquito After Eating
Mosquito After Eating
You may notice that when you kill a mosquito you will sometimes see a splatter of blood surrounding the carcass of the mosquito and other times you may not see any red color at all.

The reason for this is that as the mosquito draws blood it is transferred directly into the stomach of the mosquito and the more blood the mosquito takes in the farther and larger the gut becomes. The stomach can stretch very large in proportion to the size of the mosquito; in fact the stomach is able to expand to 10 times its original size!

When you crush a mosquito with a very full stomach you will see a large amount of blood around the mosquito, if you see none at all than you have likely killed the mosquito before it was able to make a meal out of you!

Do Male Mosquitoes Bite?

Male mosquitoes do not bite living things; in fact their proboscis (mouth piece) is not designed to take in blood.

Male mosquitoes can only consume sugary fluids and thus do not bite or suck the blood of humans or animals.
Male Mosquitoes Do Not Bite

Mosquito Diet Changes

Regardless if the mosquito is male or female; all mosquitoes eventually need to sustain themselves through the sugar of plants; most male mosquitoes end up dying during the winter since they lack the protein needed to create a denser frame to survive the colder temperatures.

The female mosquito on the other hand has taken in enough protein to survive the harsh temperatures and begins to focus on consuming more plant based sugar to double their original weight to prepare for hibernating during the winter. During this period most of the female species of mosquitoes will stop biting and feasting off humans.

Mosquito Food Worth Dying For!

One way to capitalize on both the female and male mosquitoes need for plant based sugar is to use the bait and kill method. This product replicates the smell of sugar on plants. When the mosquito goes to feast on this product it instead infuses itself with garlic oil. Mosquitoes are not able to digest garlic oil, which is what is responsible for their death.

Since the main ingredient of this product is garlic oil, it is completely non-toxic to humans and pets and is one of the safest ways to eliminate mosquitoes.

Using this method you can eliminate more than 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard within just 2-3 weeks!

For more information see: How to Get Rid of and Kill Mosquitoes.
Mosquito Food Worth Dieing For

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