What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Carbon Dioxide

As we breathe we take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide; the problem is mosquitoes are highly attracted to the scent of carbon dioxide and will follow the trail until they find their meal.

There is not much you can do to combat this since you can’t hold your breath forever! Sorry, that is what you get for being a human.
Mosquito Attracted to Carbon Dioxide

Fragrances and Body Odor

Mosquitoes are attracted to smells this can be smells found in your shampoo, perfume, hand cream, detergent, etc.

You may think “well I just won’t ever take a shower or wash my clothes again”…okay maybe you’re not thinking this, but if you were mosquitoes are also attracted to natural body odor, so skip the scented soaps and detergent and keep up the hygiene!


Mosquitoes are Attracted to Warmth Mosquitoes are able to detect warmth from over a couple yards away, so once they get near you, your extra body heat will be a magnet to them!

So you’re not up for jumping into an ice bath? Alright well you can employ other methods such as reducing movement, wearing thinner clothing, taking cooler showers and drinking/eating cooler food.


Mosquitoes are naturally drawn to water, as this is their main method of reproducing; they are also attracted to body odor, which sweat helps to intensify.

So stop sweating the small stuff and stay cool!


Yes, mosquitoes are watching you! When you are in sight and moving around you can bet the mosquito is going to want to check you out!

Moving less will reduce the chance of being the mosquito’s next victim!
Mosquito Attracted to Movement

Dark Colors

As discussed in the last point, mosquitoes can use their eye sight to see you; and most of the time their food source is under heavy shade or foliage, so as a result mosquitoes are naturally attracted to darker colors, so trade in the blue jeans for a pair of light colored khakis!

Lactic Acid

Mosquitoes can even detect lactic acid! We produce Lactic acid by exercising and eating food that is high in salt and potassium.

A way to combat this is by staying completely still (that’s not too much to ask right?) and eating less salty foods such as pickles, and even skipping the banana as it is very high in potassium.


Yeah, all of this is quite silly and somewhat trivial to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito. The bottom line is: throw on a mosquito repellent and you’ll be all set.

Mosquito repellents cause the mosquitoes sense for food to go haywire, so when they look at you they no longer see a meal and instead they want to get far away from you so that they can find their food once again.
DEET Mosquito Repelling SprayNatural Mosquito Repelling Spray

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