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So we all know that mosquitoes eat us, but what eats a mosquito? Mosquitoes have a lot of predators! After all they make a very nutritious snack for lots of animals because many of them take in nutrient dense algae while in their initial larvae state. Some animals eat mosquitoes while flying in the air; others eat mosquitoes before they are able to take flight, while they are in larvae form.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the most common mosquito eaters in the animal kingdom!

What Eats Mosquitoes?

We will first start by listing the creatures that prey on mosquitoes while they are full grown blood sucking adults!


Birds are one of the top predators of mosquitoes, specifically birds such as swallows, humming birds, migratory songbirds, and purple martins. The swallow is a very active bird, in fact some types of swallows are known to travel up to 600 miles per day, most of the time they are just coursing back and forth capturing and eating insects such as the mosquito! Humming birds are also another big time predator of mosquitoes; they need the protein that insects are made up of, as well as the energy they provide!

Humming Bird
Song Bird
Purple Martin


Bats are by far the most superior mammal when it comes to locating their prey. The bat’s echolocation makes it incredibly easy for them to track down, and eat insects such as mosquitoes!

The bats ability to track down food makes it so that they only need to feed for a short period of time; in fact most bats finish eating within an hour of taking flight.

There first hour of flight typically is around dusk; which tends to be a popular time for mosquitoes to be out looking for food. So the bat makes an excellent mosquito eater!
Bat - Mosquito Eater


Spider - Mosquito Eater Spiders are king when it comes to insect control. Spiders will feed on a wide variety of annoying insects, including plenty of unsuspecting mosquitoes that get stuck in their web.

So next time you think of knocking down that spider web, you may just have a good reason to keep it there!


The dragonfly is nicknamed the mosquito hawk! This is because their diet consists of mainly flying insects and in particular midges, and mosquitoes! An interesting fact about this amazing insect is that it can eat its own body weight in as little as 30 minutes! To put this into perspective it would be like a 150 pound human trying to eat 150 pounds of food in less than 30 minutes!

Dragonflies are great for the environment and contribute to the food chain by eliminating plenty of biting insects!
Dragonfly Flying Insect Eater

What Eats Mosquito Larvae?

So we have discussed the creatures that eat full grown mosquitoes, but what about the animals that eat mosquito larvae? After all, eating them in this stage is even more beneficial to us because it doesn’t give them the opportunity to begin biting us. Another great thing about mosquito larvae eaters is that they kill the mosquito before it is able to reproduce and over populate your area!


Many different types of fish prey on mosquito larvae! Some common types of fish that eat larvae are catfish, goldfish, bass, bluegill and guppies.

But there is one fish that you probably haven’t heard of that really makes a dent in the mosquito larvae population. This fish is called Gambusia Affinis; this predator specializes in eating mosquito larvae; in fact many mosquito control agencies introduce these fish in local ponds to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area!
Mosquito Eating Fish


Yes birds also eat mosquito in larvae state as well! But not the same birds mentioned at the beginning of this article. Instead the birds we are talking about are waterfowl such as ducks, and geese. These birds love the occasional larvae snack while their near water.

Frogs and Tadpoles

Frogs and Tadpoles Eat Larvae Food Frogs and tadpoles are another threat to mosquito larvae! They are not only mosquito larvae eaters, but they also feed on some of the same algae and food as them.

This is beneficial to us because the less meals available to larvae, the less of them that will survive and be able to mature to an adult mosquito!


Turtles love mosquito larvae, and why shouldn’t they? It is one of the most abundant sources of food for them. One type of turtle in particular has a reputation of being one of the top mosquito eaters!

These turtles are called Red Eared Sliders (you can probably tell why these turtles have this name). These turtles are very common and many people like to introduce them to local ponds so that they can take bite out of the pesky insect population.
Red Eared Slider Turtle


Nymph - Larvae Eater As we discussed above, dragonflies serve a large part in killing flying insects; but another amazing fact about dragonflies is that they are able to eat mosquito larvae!

This is because dragonflies start out as small little nymphs which are aquatic based. They are incredibly fast swimmers and end up eating just about anything that moves in water. Nymphs/dragonflies eat a large portion of the mosquito larvae in water which significantly helps to cut down on the mosquito population!

Aquatic Beetles

Aquatic beetles will eat mosquito larvae while they are adults and even while they are in larval state. In fact these beetles are nicknamed “Water Tigers” because of how fierce they are while hunting their prey. Aquatic Beetles eat many other types of nuisance insects and are a vital part of the ecosystem! Aquatic Beetle

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