Do Cell Phone Apps Repel Mosquitoes?

In today’s world cell phones are amazing! They can give you directions, connect you with the world and provide you answers to any question you want within seconds!

There are even apps that you can download to your phone that emit a high-pitch frequency designed to drive mosquitoes in the opposite direction as where the sound is coming from. Even better, the majority of these apps can be downloaded for free!

But can ultra-sonic sounds from cell phone apps repel mosquitoes?

Yes! Cell phone apps can repel mosquitoes; but their effectiveness varies to a large degree. Variables that will influence the effectiveness of Free Cell Phone Apps are the type of mosquito it is used on, the type of sound the app makes and the specific high pitch frequency that a cell phone app uses.
Ultra-Sonic Mosquito Repelling App

How Mosquito Repelling Apps Work

Cell phones apps use a high pitch ultra-sonic sound that humans cannot hear. There are two sounds that these cell phone apps try to mimic.

The First is the sound of a dragonfly fluttering its wings. The reason that this is supposed to repel mosquitoes is because the dragonfly is one of the main predators of mosquitoes, so the sound of its wings would instinctively drive a mosquito to avoid where the sound is coming from. For more information see What Animals Eat Mosquitoes?

The second sound that these free cell phone apps make is the sound of a male mosquito calling for a mate. Since it’s only female mosquitoes that bite us, the theory is that once she has already mated she will actively avoid any other contact with male mosquitoes. So the sound of a male mosquito calling for a mate would repel the blood hungry female mosquito away from biting us.

Factors that Influence Effectiveness of Ultra-Sonic Sounds

Ultra-Sonic Mosquito Repelling App
Species – Since there are over 3,000 species of mosquito in the world; each mosquito would likely be influenced by the area it lives in and may not respond to the same ultra-sonic sound that another type of mosquito would.

Ultra-Sonic Sound - Since cell phone apps use different types of ultra-sonic sounds to repel mosquitoes; one sound might work on a specific species of mosquito, but could be completely useless on another. For that reason it may be wise to try different mosquito repelling apps.

Frequency – The software of mosquito repellent apps could be set at a wide variety of frequencies. Is the best frequency for repelling mosquitoes at 3 kHz or is it 70 kHz, or is it somewhere in between? The science is still out on this topic so no one knows for sure what the best frequency is for repelling mosquitoes.

Are Free Mosquito Repelling Apps Worth Trying?

The answer really depends on you and what you’re comfortable with using to repel mosquitoes. The fact is that using a DEET based mosquito repellent has been proven to repel mosquitoes, whereas cell phone apps have not.

Since these apps can be obtained for free, it may be worth a shot. But be prepared to have a backup method to get rid of mosquitoes if your app doesn’t end up being effective.

There are also many other ways to get rid of these pesky insects; for more information see How to kill and repel mosquitoes.

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