Have you ever had an outdoor event ruined by blood thirsty mosquitoes? Does it feel like mosquitoes prefer your blood over everyone else’s? Does it seem like you just can’t win the war against mosquitoes? If you answered yes to any of these questions than you have found the right website!

We at are very much anti-mosquito; in fact we can’t stand them! That is why we have created a site dedicated to helping you get rid of this terrible nuisance!

Below you will find the best anti-mosquito techniques and products to help you combat and destroy this blood sucking, disease spreading enemy!

Anti-Mosquito Techniques

The first technique is actually very simple and you may know it already, but it is extremely important if your goal is to have no mosquitoes near your yard. It involves eliminating potential breeding grounds from your yard.

The fully developed mosquito life span is very short; the males live for 10 days, while the females live for 14 days. In this short amount of time the female mosquito is able to lay up to 5 batches of eggs numbering up to 300 eggs per cycle! Just simply preventing potential mosquito breeding grounds is the first and one of the most important anti-mosquito techniques available to us; and it doesn’t cost a dime!
Anti-Mosquito Technique

Mosquito Breeding Ground      All you have to do is scout your yard for any areas that contain an inch or more of water. Some common areas that people may forget out include wheel barrels, clogged gutters, flower pot saucers, open garbage cans, discarded tires, bird baths, small buckets and anywhere else that you can think of that at least an inch of water might be able to collect!

It takes approximately 10 days for mosquitoes to develop from larvae state, to a flying mosquito; so if you and your neighbors are diligent at keeping your yard free from any potential breeding grounds by checking it once a week, your anti-mosquito measures will pay off big!

The second technique is to eliminate unnecessary plants and flowers from your yard (unless they are plants that repel mosquitoes; see anti-mosquito plants subheading below).

The reason this is important is because all mosquitoes live off of nectar, it’s only the female mosquitoes that need to eat blood from humans, and even then they still need to take in nectar from plants to provide for their energy needs.

Keeping unnecessary plants out of your yard will help prevent you from getting bit since the mosquito will have no reason to be in your yard in the first place. Female mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of the nectar that these plants produce as well as the carbon dioxide that you exhale. So if you walk outside and a female mosquito is already feeding on plants in your yard, it won’t be long before she abandons the plant for a much more preferable meal to help create her next batch of eggs.

But you may be attached to the plants in your yard, and if that is the case we completely understand. The good news is that there is a perfect anti-mosquito product that will help you keep this unwanted insect out of your yard.

Anti-Mosquito Products

One of the best anti-mosquito products on the market is a spray that has the scent of nectar that lures the mosquito into the area in which you have sprayed it on.

When they eat this spray they are instead eating pure garlic oil. Garlic oil is not toxic to humans or animals, but it is extremely toxic to mosquitoes because they cannot digest it; within 24-48 hours of eating it the mosquito dies and this in turn interrupts the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes in your area. In fact within 2-3 weeks this product will cut down on the number of mosquitoes in your yard by over 90%!

It almost sounds too good to be true because of how inexpensive this product is, but if you use this product right and continue to reapply each month it will drastically cut down on the amount of mosquitoes in your yard!
Anti-Mosquito Bait

But what if you don’t have 2-3 weeks to employ this mosquito destroying product? What if you are expecting to have an outdoor event in the next couple days? That is where the next anti-mosquito product shines!

Mosquito Fogging The next anti-mosquito product is the fogger. This method costs significantly more when you factor in the fogger, insecticide, propane tank and respiratory device and it may not be ideal for those who are against using chemical agents in their yard. One other negative is that it only lasts for 6 hours, after that the effects of the fogging mist begin to diminish.

However this product is one of only things you can use to completely repel and kill mosquitoes in your yard immediately for about 6 hours. It is perfect for those planning on having an outdoor event in their backyard! So while fogging is not the best long term anti-mosquito product, it is definitely the best for short term results!

Another anti-mosquito product that really helps to cut down on the population of mosquitoes in your yard is mosquito bits. Mosquito bits are small little pieces that you can sprinkle in an area that could potentially hold water, such as a bird bath, flower pot saucer, water garden, etc.

This product releases bacteria in the water that is only toxic to mosquito larvae; the result is that the entire batch of eggs that the mosquito lays get completely destroyed by this mosquito larvae poison.
Anti-Mosquito Bits

Bug Zapper One product that is very controversial is the bug zapper; the reason some people view them in a negative light is because they also kill beneficial bugs along with the mosquitoes.

Some studies have shown that the amount of mosquitoes and other biting insects that get killed by the bug lamp is very minimal compared to the rest of the kills. Other people in amazon reviews swear by bug zappers and say that it is the best anti-mosquito device available.

The decision is ultimately up to you and what you feel is best; however if you plan on buying this device we do recommend that you buy the octenol cartridges that go along with the bug zapper, as they make it up to 5 times more likely to kill mosquitoes and other biting bugs.

Anti-Mosquito Repellents

Repellents are also a very good way to reduce and even eliminate mosquito bites! There are many different options available as well, some of which work extremely well, while others have their down falls. Below is a list of the top anti-mosquito repellents available:

The first repellent is the most well-known and best anti-mosquito product that you can buy today. It is DEET based spray. DEET provides 8 hours of lasting protection against mosquitoes; this product scrambles the mosquito’s sense of smell making you no longer detectable to them as a source of food. Instead they are filled with a desire to flee from you so that they can be able to detect their food once again. Spray on DEET Mosquito Repellent
The second best repellents are the natural spray on type that uses either citronella oil or lemon eucalyptus oil in order to create the same effect that DEET has on their sense of smell. The reason why this product is second best is because the effects of these natural products lasts for 2 hours less than DEET; which isn’t a big deal to most people, and a lot of individuals would prefer the natural products rather than chemical based DEET.

There are also some alternatives if you don’t like to spray repellent on your skin, but keep in mind that these products are area effects and you will have to stay confined to the specific area that you use these anti-mosquito products in:

Anti-Mosquito Plants

A lot of the repellents discussed above use citronella or eucalyptus oil as their prime repelling agent; which are derived from plants such as the Citronella Plant, Lemon Grass Plant and the Lemon Thyme Plant.

Although these plants certainly help curtail the amount of mosquitoes in your yard, they should not be used as the only means of mosquito prevention because they only repel mosquitoes in a short radius.

Ideally these plants should be put near entrances of your house to prevent mosquitoes from sneaking in while the door is open! Some of the best anti-mosquito plant options are found below:

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