We at peskymosquito.com are very passionate about helping you enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of biting insects.

To this endeavor we have dedicated many hours in researching the most credible information to help our fellow neighbors fight this annoying menace!

Whether it is free tips that you can use, products you can buy or other information you may be curious about; we endeavor to fully explain how to get rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects!

How to Get Rid of and Kill Mosquitoes

Getting rid of and killing mosquitoes can be done in many different ways. Some techniques will not cost you anything while others can be pricey. Some of these options are chemical free, while others rely heavily on toxic chemicals.

We want to help you make the best decision for not only your wallet, but also for your life!

In this section we explore all the different options and explain the benefits, along with the negatives of each method!
Mosquito Larvae

Knowledge is Power! (FAQ)

Because of our commitment to recommend the best techniques and products to eliminate nasty bugs from your yard; we have dedicated hours upon hours of time researching biting insects! We know what makes them tick (no pun intended).

For instance, did you know that not all mosquitoes live off of blood? Or maybe you’re curious as to when the season for mosquitoes ends. Do you feel like you’re a mosquito magnet? Find out what really attracts mosquitoes!

All this and much, much more is found on this site! So take advantage of our countless hours of research and find the answers to your questions!
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Best Rated Products / Reviews

So after reading our “how to get rid of and kill mosquitoes” section, you have finally narrowed it down to the method(s) you want to use to wipe out the biting insect population from your outdoor area!

The only problem is that there are numerous products designed for each method of eliminating bugs! So which one should you choose?

We take the time to research each product to give you the best information before spending your hard earned money!
Best Rated Products

Other Bugs

Even though mosquitoes are the deadliest biting insect that you will ever encounter; there are other bugs that can be just as, if not more annoying than the mosquito!

In this section we cover information about other biting and annoying insects. With each bug we discuss you will find in depth information about them, along with thorough details on how to eliminate them!
Other Bugs